Email Dig Photos

(Tony Martin)    11th. Feb 2009

Send digital photos by e-mail from XP


Open a folder containing the pictures that you want to send.


Select one or more photos. If you hold down the Ctrl key, you can click to select additional photos in any order.

Screenshot of My Documents/ My Pictures folder with Museum of Flight photos


In the File and Folder Tasks pane, click E-mail this file (or E-mail this folder's files, or E-mail the selected items if you chose more than one image).

File and Folder Tasks pane with E-mail this folder's files highlighted in red


Next the Send Pictures via E-Mail dialog box appears. By default, the Make all my pictures smaller option is selected.

Send Pictures via E-Mail dialog box

If you want to be more specific about how much smaller your pictures will be, click Show more options to view your choices. Make your selection from the list.

Show more options area in Send Pictures via E-mail dialog box

Click OK to continue.


Windows XP switches to your default e-mail program, creates a new message window, and attaches your pictures to the e-mail message. Add the recipient's e-mail address, type your message and then send the mail.