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Club Rules

Club Rules  
                                             EAST PRESTON SILVER SURFERS COMPUTER CLUB


  1. The Club Services are for members only.  The club does not offer personal tuition in your own home, a computer repair service or any support for business or professional use.
  2. Officers and tutors of the club give help and advice in good faith and only within the limits of their experience and knowledge.
  3. The club, its tutors or officers cannot be held responsible for any problems, or consequential problems, following any advice given.  Any changes made to members’ computers, as a result of any comments or advice, is done solely at the risk of the member.
  4. Any changes made to a member’s computer by one of the clubs officers will only be carried out after the full approval and consent of the member.
  5. The aim of the club is to enhance its members understanding of computers and address individual computing needs at our weekly meetings. Questions during tutorials are welcomed.
  6. We have a number of desktop PCs for practice during sessions; members are encouraged, however, to bring their own laptops.  The Club’s equipment and/or broadband connection must not be used for unlawful purposes.
  7. It is usual for members to help with setting up or clearing away at the end of a session.
  8. Using mainly Microsoft Windows, specialist subjects such as spreadsheets, photography and music are all covered regularly along with being able to send and receive emails and safe use of the internet for exploring the world wide web, on line shopping and researching reliable information and so on.  Our members are invited to suggest topics they would like covered.  We are all encouraged to help each other as there is a wide range of ability within the club.
  9. The annual subscription becomes due on 1st January. If not paid in advance members must pay on their first attendance in January. If not paid by 31st January membership shall cease.
  10. The annual subscription does not, in itself, entitle members to request advice or support.  As this is a club, members are expected to attend on a reasonably regular basis, ie, 50%.  We appreciate being informed if you anticipate being absent.  Long term non-attendees shall be subject to their membership being terminated at the discretion of the Committee.
  11. Some tutors are prepared to receive emails and phone calls at home, but please respect their time and privacy.  Occasionally one of our helpful team may consider making a home visit.  This would be at the discretion of the officer or tutor involved and should not be considered an automatic right of members.
  12. If you have downloaded any programs or files during a meeting, please delete before the end of the session, unless otherwise instructed.


4th October 2014