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Frank would like you to know that he has set up his own new website in 'talktalk'.. The link is http:// www.fhj.talktalk.net

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Why not try Linux? 

You may have been stuck with Microsoft or Apple for a long time. I have a tip for you. Have you ever heard of a live disk?

A live disk, which you can get free or download yourself if you have broadband, will enable you to run your computer as a Linux machine without the need to use your own hard drive. In fact even if you remove your hard drive the cd disk will enable you to run using a Linux operating system dependent on your choice of CD.

This way you can explore the Linux world where all the software is free and there is all the help you need available on line.

Look up live disk on Google or look up Linux. You really are wasting your time and money with Microsoft.

One of the best is PCLinux Gnome, but Ubuntu is also very good. There is Debian and a host of others including suse, mandriva and so many others.

I recently acquired a small Asus Eee PC computer. It also runs a Linux Distro and in fact I am using it now. It weighs less than 1 Kg, the screen is about 7" wide and it has all you need except for a CD ROM drive. It has no moving parts and it's "hard drive" is non volatile memory. It has 1Gb of memory which is fine.

The keyboard is small but even I can use it so it can't be bad.

Look it up on the web sometime, for taking away on trips and keeping in touch it is a gem! http://www.linux.org/

Extract from a Blog posted by Frank James

(For more information about Linux, have a word with Frank)