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New Member Help

Most pages on the website, with the exception of the Members Only Section, can be viewed by anyone in the world just by entering the club's URL (website address).  
To access the 'restricted area' you will need to do the following:   
1.    Set up a  'Google Account'.
2.    Request the webmaster to add your email address (the one you used to set up your 'Google Account') to the members check list on our website. 
The system will then do a match and allow you access.
If you already have a Google Account then ignore the following and just provide the webmaster with your email address. 

Tips On How To Set Up A Google Account
The link at the bottom on this page will take you to Google's New Account Set Up page where you will be asked to enter five pieces of information, which are simply :- 

1.  Enter Your current email address .

2. Enter a password.  This doesn't have to be the same as the one you normally use with your email account.    It must be at least eight characters long and is not to be a word in normal use  (you can get more information on creating valid passwords for google if you click on 'Password Strength' once you have started filling in the form).  

3. Re-enter your password then...

4. Go down to where it says Word Verification and type the strange characters (if you can read them) into the box underneath.  Don't worry if you get it wrong, it will give you more chances, with a different group of letters each time.  Keep going until you get it right.  This is a security measure.

5. Go down to Terms of Service and click the button that says     'I Accept. Create My Account'.

When you have correctly entered your details you will be told that Google is going to send a message to the email address you have given, and in the message there will be a final acknowledgement link for you to click on.  This will complete the checks and validate your application.

6.  You have only then to advise the webmaster to add your email address to the website.  Once this is done you will then have access to our Members Only Section.             

click on this link to:-                         
Open a Google Account