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Hope the following is helpful, there really are many more websites some of which we use others we are discovering every week.  Google searches can often bring up very good leads to new information becoming available.  If anyone needs some more help or answers to any queries please feel free to phone Worthing Reference Library (01903 704824) and ask for Jane Dore or Sue McMahon.  Or please e-mail us on any of the following: 


Ancestry Library  -  This is the Library Genealogical website.  To access you need to have Internet access on a Library ticket.  This is now a free service.  Ancestry is available in the largest Libraries of the county, Worthing is the closest for East Preston.  We can help and guide use in Worthing Reference Library where the PC's are available throughout all opening times. 

Find my Past - This is the other big genealogical webcite.  We do not have access to this through the Library service but people can access from home.  Web address is  Although some use of the index is free all viewing of details needs to be paid for. 

National Archives -  Using the Documents Online section you can find many types of material including military, wills and probate .  Index searching is free, to view the detail there is a charge.  (Note: Some of this material is also available on Find my Past under their subsciption basis.) 

General Register Office (GRO) Index of births, Marriages and Deaths - This is the place where all civil registration is listed.  The Index covers 1837 (Sept) - current.  This Index covers England and Wales and gives the date, Vol No. and Page No. for each certificate.  Full details require the purchase of a copy of the certificate.  The GRO index is available on microfiche at Worthing reference Library (up to 2004) and on many of the subscription services including Ancestry and Find my Past.  There is also a free to use website where many of the entries have been transcribed.  Playing with the way you search on this website you can confirm the name of the other person in a marriage, not available on any other site. 

Commonwealth War Graves Commission  -  Free to use website with good information on soldiers killed in the First World War.  Details of graves and next-of-kin and even photographs and maps of the cemeteries and memorials. 

Historical Directories - These are free-to-use copies of early trade/town directoies which are extremely useful for tracing addresses of people at the period of the directory. 

Mormon Index to Parish Registers (IGI) - This is a free-to-use worldwide index created by the Mormon Church.  It includes many Parish Registers for England and is useful for events before civil registration begun, ie BEFORE 1837.  There are some later dates covered but they are mostly early entries. 

When this link is taken off the front page it will still be available under Interesting Websites/General Interest