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General Interest

If you should click on one of these links and find it is not working I would be grateful if you would let me know so that I may take some action.  Contact:     webmaster@epsscc.co.uk

This is a massive repository of official manufacturers handbooks covering laptops, smartphones, tablets and all manner of electrial equipment.

ManualsLib claims to offer almost 1.5 million manuals for electrical equipment.

Contains thousands of DIY repair guides for laptops, smartphones, cameras, tablets and more. Guides are beautifully illustrated.

select 1 or more programs to download an d activate with one click of the mouse

Cruise Ship Map
You will  be amazed at the information that is available.

How secure is you password?  How long would it take to crack?     Check it out.
(This link is safe to use.  The source being Computeractive Magazine)

A view from the top of the tower.  Move your cursor around to see from every side.

Freecycle (Littlehampton)
Don't take re-usable household items to the dump, when they may be of use to someone else in the locality, who will come and collect them. Check Freecycle first.  
You can also look for items on there yourself.  It works both ways, and it is free!

For those with pre existing medical conditions.

 Prevent Junk Mail and/or Unsolicited Phone Calls

Register with www.mpsonline.org.uk to prevent junk mail
Register with www.tpsonline.org.uk to prevent unsolicited phone calls

Map of the Blitz
A website that shows exactly where bombs fell on London www.bombsight.org

Identify what planes are flying overhead, where they have come from and where they are going.  Fascinating!  Click on the link above or else go to www.planefinder.com

Tube Map (with a difference)
London Underground trains and national train positions. 

National train positions - although not quite accurate all the time.

Information on Ancestry Sites

Provided by Jane Dore of Worthing Library.

This Journey Planner is the best place that I have found to order my advance/cheaper  Southern Rail tickets.  Don't forget to also try out the 'cheapest fare' button when you have entered your 'date' and 'time'

Find out what is going on at the Hall,  how to make bookings and much more.

East Preston Village Website
Information about the village, businesses and links for other local information

Planetarium in Chichester

A centre for scientific excellence in the south of England

Martin Lewis's  ( the tv money saving guru) Website   (Subscribe to his newsletter)


Try out the Frog Leap Test  (game)

Ladies flower arranging club that some of our members belong to.

An impressive website with plenty of artistic photographs and examples photo
editing with Adobe Photoshop

Got a fox in the house?  A wounded animal or bird in the garden? Don't know what to do?
Want to adopt an animal?    Then contact:

WADARS  (Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service) on 01903 217788

They do not charge but they rely solely on Membership, Donations, Legacies and Fund Raising to keep them running. 

The Voice of Progress
Free Talking Newspapers for the visually impaired  (also listen to the recordings on the website).

Worthing Theatres and Bookings               
What's On in Worthing.

A good website to listen to all kinds of music  with break ins for advertising