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Computer Related

One way you an transfer, to other people, large files for free (up to 2mb) is to use  https://www.wetransfer.com 

Download this program to make posters from you pictures (as demonstrated by Tony)

Add-on and Plugins       Useful Downloads for Firefox

mp3join   Join as many mp3 files together  as you want for free.  Just download this small application (I put it on my memory stick and I can run it from there).  Useful if you create a Picasa slide show, which only lets you select one piece of music and therefore means you are limited to the length of that piece.  If you can join two or more songs you can have a longer slide show with music throughout.

Computeractive  This popular magazine has a mass of information on Facebook.  You can spend hours browsing, looking at video clips, reading articles on many interesting topics.

Pulborough Computer Club Website

Pulborough Computer ClubSwan View, Lower Street, Pulborough, United Kingdom,
RH20 2BF

If you receive an email warning of some scam the message itself could be what they call an Urban Myth and 'doing-the-rounds'. Check it out by going to www.snopes.com before forwarding it (as isusually requested on the email itself) to another person or persons.

Filehippo Freeware                                                                                                                
Filehippo is a reliable site for downloading free software   

PC Adviser                                                                                                                              
The sister magazine to Computeractive 

Avery Label Download                                                                                                            
Automatically create mailing labels.

For your information: 
Labels can be obtained from Clarkes (was Ronald Edwards) in Rustington.  They stock their own brand called Multi Purpose Labels. Just ask for the one which is equivalent to Avery L7159 (24 to a page. 3 across and 8 down) around £5 per box.
Alternatively try purchasing on line

A website with basic information about the web and your computer.

PC World/Linux                                                                                                                        
Linux Info.

Transfer Big Files                                                                                                                    
If you want to attach a big file to your email then this website could be of interest to you. 

A vast store of information on just about every conceivable topic. 

Convert Files                                                                                                                            
If you want to convert a file from one format to another then try this